Thursday, June 17, 2010



C 2004 By Gracie Prior

Dear Louisa,

The most horrible thing ever has happened. To Jimmy of all people. A car hit him while he was crossing the street. He’s in the hospital now. His mom doesn’t know exactly how he’s doing. His legs are hurt. They did a quick operation on him yesterday, but they don’t know how that will help yet. I feel so awful and so helpless. Scribblers are getting together and sending, well, taking him flowers, Jimmy who always gives flowers on every occasion. We are writing a funny poem to cheer him up. I’m going to make a cute card out of it but there’s really nothing funny about all this and I don’t have anything to smile about right now.

Sometimes I don’t understand God at all. Mrs. Falcon and Jimmy were so eager to come to the revival and now here when they might be open to God’s love, He allows something like this to happen to someone as sweet as Jimmy. The Bible says not to “lean on my own understanding.” I am bound to keep that word in my heart and in my life. But it is hard. It is so hard. Love, Mary

* * *

Diary Man,
I am so miffed I can hardly see straight. My best buddy, Jimmy, got himself hit by a car. How can that happen? It seems Jimmy was just minding his own business when a car came around the corner and hit him. Isn’t anyone safe anymore? Isn’t there any sense of fairness? If any one should be hit it would be me. I have been so bad. Only to you D. Man can I say this. But I have treated Mom and Dad like dirt. I totally gave them grief about Marabella and Connie coming. It was bad, but I’m a big boy. I should have been nicer. At least I have a dad. Connie has no one now.

Back to Jimmy. We don’t know how he’s doing at all. He got an early operation, but it didn’t do much. He has to stay in the hospital till they find out what to do. Poor Jimmy. He was so gone on God. He thought everything he heard was all true. Is it? I remember God. What’s Jimmy going to think now, I wonder. Butch

* * *

Dr. Quentin,

I have some awful news. Jimmy was hit by a car. He is in the hospital and they don’t know what to do for him. Him mom is holding on, but I don’t know where his dad is. Nobody does. He hasn’t been heard from and Mrs. Falcon can’t worry about it right now. Dad, my dad, has been doing great. Ever since Mr. Brewster prayed that simple prayer, things have been better. Now, here’s Jimmy and he needs prayer, too. I’m going to call Mr. Brewster and see if he can get us Scribblers together and we can have a little prayer meeting or something. Jimmy would like that. We are all going to the hospital as soon as they let us and we’re going to take Jimmy some flowers and a card. Hope we can cheer him up. If I were in his shoes, I don’t think anything could cheer me up. Well, I have to go. Just thought you’d want to know about Jimmy. I’ll write more when I know something. Soon I hope. Terry signing off.

* * *

Dear Diary,

I got hit by a car. My legs and butt hurt so bad. They try to help me with pills and shots but everything still hurts. I already had an operation. I was whiny, so they stuck me with something and then I woke up and it hurt again. Cindy found you, dear diary, and snuck you in with my Bible and some books Mom brought. Not that it matters. I wonder where Dad is. Mom doesn’t know. I wonder if he knows about me. Does he care? They don’t know if I will be able to walk. I can’t be sad because I really don’t believe that. I’m going to get training soon. Know what I miss? The Scribblers. They probably know about me by now. Things have been happening to me that I don’t get. Nobody knows this, but when I was first in here, before the doctors came, I felt something in my room and it was a good something. There was light in one corner, it seemed like a man was there. I’m not sure what it was. It just seemed that after that, I wasn’t so scared anymore. I have been thinking about the shepherd with the long arm reaching out to the sheep. I love to look at that picture when I’m hurting. I want to talk to Mary about it. I’m so tired. Hope my friends can come soon. Till then, I’ll just wait and rest and hope. Jimmy

(Come back next week for the big finale.)

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