Wednesday, July 7, 2010




C 2004 Gracie Prior

Doctor Dr. Quentin,

The summer is over and what a blast it was! Everything was so perfect until Jimmy had that accident. Dad has been doing so well that we just use the downstairs bed to put junk on. He hasn’t been coughing much at all. His medicine seems to be working.

I loved the Sesquicentennial. It was so great to hear the crowds cheering for us as the writers. That’s what I want to be when I grow up, some sort of writer. And Mary has been such help with the Scribblers. I don’t know how we ever managed without her. Well, school is looming over my future. I hope that is the worst thing I have to look forward to. Junior High should be fun. We’ll see. Thanks for caring Doctor, Dear. Terry

* * *

Diary Man,

Butch here. We finally got rid of Marabella and Connie. I get my room back for awhile, at least, till they figure out what to do. Marabella didn’t find a job so it’s back to Pennsylvania for them. I have tried to be nicer to Mom and Dad, but I don’t think they notice. They still treat me like I’m five. I think of Jimmy and how well he’s taking all his pain and woe. Then I just have to let the parents rant and rave. At least I can walk. Gosh, it’s been a great summer. I hate to see it end. Soon we four will be the youngest in school again. That stinks. Oh, well, new experiences loom on the horizon. That’s all, Diary Man

* * *

Dear Louisa,
Bitty just crawled across the floor tonight. She is so cute. Mom lets me take care of her and I love to do it. Now that school is starting, I’m going to be busy. I’m still planing to watch her in the evenings for a little so Mom can get a break. She misses the library. There’s no way she could watch Bitty and do that job, too. I will remember this summer the rest of my life. What was life before I met the Three Musketeers? I have so much to look forward to. I can write and I can act and we can plan activities. My world just opened up and I am so happy. Daddy says his revival went well. He has some new people in church and there are new members at other churches, too. I’m so glad we moved here. It just seems like destiny or something. One more thing. We are all hoping Jimmy’s new surgery goes well and he can walk again. That’s my only sorrow in all this glorious good news. Love, Mary

* * *

Dear Diary,
School is starting soon and I don’t know if I’ll be going in a wheelchair, crutches, or walking. Walking, I hope. The operation is scheduled for next week. I’ll miss a bit of school, but it can’t be helped. They wrote a story about my surgery in the newspaper. I’m a big celebrity I guess. I wish I could have gotten there another way. I am glad of school no matter what happens with the surgery. I love the classes and the kids everywhere and mostly the writing assignments. We’ll have to be even better for the new school.

I’m enjoying the Bible Mary loaned me. I am almost done with the New Testament. Maybe I can persevere like Paul, in good times and bad. That is my goal. Isn’t it wonderful, Diary, that Mary came to town? If we were the Three Musketeers, then Mary became our D’Artanyan.

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