Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chapater II. Terry and the Pirates


Several days later, Terry Raymond put down his writing pad and pulled on his jacket. The morning air was cool for early September. "Mom, I'm going over to see Butch. Catch you later." he called. With that, Terry slammed the screen door, let it snap and hurried next door. He stood on the back porch and hollered ,"Butchie." Soon, a red curly head popped around the door and the boy followed.
"Did you write it?" Butch asked, a perfect smile forming on his face.
"I did Butchie boy. Wait till you and Jimmy get a load of this scene I've set up. It's between the gypsy princess and the pirates. She's just about to walk the plank, and my new hero, Ponce
Virle De Polo comes swashbuckling over, grabs her, and they swing over the ship on a rope, a lanyard, I think it's called."
"Ponce Virle? Where did yo get that?"
Terry wrinkled his high forehead and scratched his dark straight hair. He wiped his hands on his jeans. "Names are tough. I like explorers but didn't want to be too obvious. So my uncle Virle hepled me out, sort of unbeknownst to him."
And the other pirates? What do they do?"
"For now, they go back to robbing the Spanish Main."
"That's so cool." Butch agreed. "But we have to be able to act it out, remember? Don't get so acrobatic you can't act it out on stage."
"Sorry, I do get carried away," Terry said.
"Let's go over to Jimmy's and see if he has anything. He was supposed to work on the outline. Maybe he knows what these pirates are up to. Let me get my hat and we'll go bother James Martin a bit." Butch said.
Butch followed as Terry, holding onto their notebook, walked backwards all the way to the end of the street where he turned and almost fell over in his excitement.
"Look at that," he exclaimed."
(What did Terry see? Will Jimmy come through? Tune in next Friday and have a great week.)
(The picture was poster on Wed., but the story on Friday, so this is really a Friday post.)

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