Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter II. (Cont.) Terry and the Pirates

Chapater II cont. Terry and the Pirates
C 2004 By Gracie Prior
(Terry and Butch were heading to Jimmy's house to check on the outline of their play when Terry saw something exciting.)
"Look at that!" Terry exclaimed.
"Someone's moving in across the street. Look at those stilts and that pogo stick. Maybe there's some guy our age moving in," Butch answered.
"Can you beat the luck? We can use another partner in our er 'firm'," Terry said.
The boys turned and hurried over to Jimmy's back door. "Jimmy," Butch called.
After several calls, the door opened and the tousle-haired boy appeared.
"Hey, Scribblers. Hail, and all that," Jimmy greeted his friends. "Cool, I see that Terry has his manuscript. What did you and Butch get down?"
"Wait till you hear it," Butch said. "Let's get comfy."
The boys sat down on the bumpy cement stoop and spread the papers out. "Read what you have, Terry," Jimmy said. "Then I'll let you in on my outline. It will be our biggest moneymaker yet. We can go door to door and sell tickets and offer drinks at the show. With my action scenes, it will be a sell out."
"Awe, Jimmy, you always get so excited" Butch wailed. "We had exactly ten people for our play last time. And the costumes and posterboard cost us more than what we brought in."
"Hold up on the outline, guys. Say Jimmy, do you know who's moving on over across the way? Maybe a new member, you think?" Terry's voice rising higher at the hopeful thought.
"I made a point of investigating that situation, and there is someone about our age, but he's a girl, and doesn't have any brothers," Jimmy said.
"Too bad, we really need one more Scribbler, don't you think?" Terry replied.
"Why does it need to be a brother?" Butch wondered out loud.
Terry looked at him. Did you ever hear of one of The Three Muskateers being a girl, or Tom and Huck or Terry and the Pirates?" he asked.
"No, but I've heard of a group of brothers and a girl named Lorna Doone. Think about that," Butch argued.
Terry, Jimmy, and Butch walked around to the front of the house and looked across the street. "The girl" was out front, jumping on a pogo stick, her long hair flopping up and down to the bounces. The boys laughed. "Naw, no way," Terry said. The others just shook their heads.
(Will the Scribblers ever get a new member? Will the boys get their act together and come up with a script? Stay tuned and see when next Friday rolls around.)

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