Thursday, May 20, 2010



C 2004 By Gracie Prior

The little spat between the Scribblers lasted about two weeks. During that time, Mary did baby sitting a lot and the others got end of the year schoolwork done. When the fight was over, it all seemed very silly. So foolish was it that none could remember how it had started. They all vowed a breakdown like that would never happen again. If anyone had a gripe, it was to be told immediately and dealt with.

The weather was getting warm and summer vacation was on all the group’s minds. Mary sat at one of the chairs at Havenword. She had a card of little yellow ducky diaper pins and was passing them out. “So these are just to announce our club, not to get new members right now. We may want to be well known so that we can get more writing jobs, like the one we got for the Sesquicentennial. So, what days do you go to the pool?”

“I thought we agreed no duckies,” Butch said.

“But these are very cute,” Mary answered. “Back to the pool, please.”

“We generally go to the pool every day in the summer. We get up early and do chores and spend the afternoon at the pool. Oh bring sun tan oil. That leaves evenings for TV and our club meetings,” Butch said.

“In case you guys care, the script is coming along great,” Jimmy said. We just have to check out a few details and then submit it to the official Sesquicentennial committee.”

“Then we’ll get called to start practice on the acting,” Terry said. “At least if our play is accepted, that is.”

“We have two days of school left. Then we start the schedule, with the pool and all?” Mary asked.

“Correct, Deary. We’ll all walk down together. It’s right by the pond where you fell in, Mary. “Oops, did you forget that?”

“I will never forget it Jimmy, because that’s when I realized what great friends I had and that my mom and dad actually liked you.”

“I have one more item on the agenda,” Butch said. “We need to clean this place up. The files have gotten messed up and the games have pieces missing. Let’s use a club day to work on the clubhouse, maybe paint it up.”

“Sure thing,” Terry agreed. “This is our Haven. We want it to stay that way and not turn into Pig Haven.”

“Any more comments before we adjourn? Anything else to do this summer?” Butch asked.

He was about to gavel the meeting to a close when Mary spoke up. “My dad is going to have a big tent revival at the fairgrounds in July. I’d love it if all you guys would come and support him.”

It got very quiet in the clubhouse. “What is a big tent revival? Is it some kind of circus?” Terry asked.

“Oh, no. It’s where a guest preacher comes and stays for about a week and gives a series of talks. It’s an old fashioned get-together. Sort of like outdoor church.”

“Then we’ll be there,” Jimmy said. The others just looked at him quizzically and back at Mary.

Mary smiled and said, “Then it’s settled.”

(Come back next week for summer fun.)

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