Thursday, May 27, 2010



C 2004 By Gracie Prior

The Scribblers had such fun walking to the pool each day. Sometimes they sang funny camp songs like ‘She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain When She Comes’, sometimes they played twenty questions, sometimes I spy, and occasionally they would talk of the club.

The sky was so blue as they entered Westlake Park and Pool. Mary checked into the girls’ side and got her suit on. She used a locker to put most of her things in. She kept her towel and suntan oil. She looked at the duck pin on her blue bathing suit and thought it looked cute. She was a little nervous about going out in her suit, but it was shirred in front and fit well. She took a deep breath and went outside. Terry and Butch were waiting on the bench. “You guys are so quick. Where’s Jimmy.”

“We threw him in the pool already,” Butch said.

“Mary’s mouth was open in astonishment for only a moment. “Oh, you,” she said.

Jimmy walked out and squinted at the sun. He was very white, so white that he almost looked ill. Mary tried not to notice. “Here you are. Let’s go put out towels down and go in.”

They all found grass by the food stand and lay their beach towels side by side in a neat row. Terry’s was next to the pool, and then Mary, Jimmy and Butch near the food stand.

“I am going to go ahead and do a few laps,” Terry said. “You comin’ Butch?”

“Sure thing,” He and Terry walked over to the deep edge and then one, two, they dove in.

Mary put on her oil. "Do you want some of this Jimmy? You might burn if you don’t.” She was truly worried about his fair skin.

“OK, but you put it on. I hate the feel of oily hands.”

Mary put a lot on his back, neck, face, and arms. “You have to do your front and legs. That’s icky.” She waited. “Go on.”

Jimmy did put it on. "I didn't think you cared," he said.

The two of them walked to the deep end. “Can you dive in, Jimmy?”

“Of course I can. What do you think I am, a sissy?” Jimmy held his hands in front of him, then took one and held his nose. Then he put them back together and sort of fell in. There was a big splash of water.

Mary laughed and clapped. “Very good form.” She dove in and swam to the shallow end. Jimmy was already there. Then they splashed and did headstands and turned somersaults and totally forgot Terry and Butch. When they went to their towels, Terry and Butch were dried off and eating candy bars.

“You didn’t wait for us,” Mary said. “How rude.”

“I’ll get you something, Mary,” Jimmy said. He walked over and got two Snickers bars.

“Jimmy, you are a true gentleman,” Mary said.

Jimmy blushed so much that he finally had a little color on him.

When Mary was in the changing room, she couldn’t help thinking what a loving person Jimmy was becoming. Or was he always that way? Oh, she still had a crush on Terry and admired Butch; he was such a guy. But Jimmy was unique in all the world.


Dear Louisa,

This was my first day at the pool. It was such fun. We all just laughed and swam and splashed. I am the luckiest girl in the world. What other girl has not one, not two, but three boyfriends? And to top it all off, I now have Bitty, my own. The boys are coming to revival. Jimmy’s mom is helping to drive. His dad is furious, but she is taking a stand and doing this for Jimmy. I’m so proud of her. Daddy is glad they are coming. We have to have Brother Mercer in our home for the week. Mommy will be so busy. I promised to help with Bitty. The boys will help, too. They just don’t know it yet. I can’t wait to see how Jimmy likes Brother Mercer and the whole revival thing. He has read John’s entire Gospel now and he said it was the best story he ever read. Brother Mercer will make it real for him. I know he will.

(See you next week.)

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